Building Stronger Bodies and Brains Through Movement!

“Movement activates the neural writing throughout the body, making the whole body the instrument of learning” 
Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head: Carla Hannaford, PHD; 2005

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Dance at Home with Jac!

• Is getting out of the house with your growing family becoming more of a challenge?

• Do you find there are some great toddler activities, but you just don’t have the time?

Dance with Jac is an interactive dance and movement class for babies and toddlers, 12 months to 4 years of age! 

And best of all, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as often as you like!

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After trial period $0.27 AUD per day
($99.00 billed annually)


At Ministry of Dance, Early Learning Dance Specialists, our aim is to deliver creative dance & movement programs specifically designed for babies, toddlers & children from 6 months to 8 years, enhancing, encouraging & strengthening cognitive, emotional, social & physical development in a safe and fun learning environment.

Long before speech develops, babies instinctively rock to music, clap their hands, bounce to the beat, and "sing" along. Numerous studies show that music has a positive effect on children's reading, math, and science learning, as well as their teamwork skills and mastery of important spatial relationships. Music contributes to what experts call “a rich sensory environment.” This simply means exposing toddlers to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colors, and sounds - experiences that can forge more pathways between the cells in their brains. These neural connections will help toddlers in almost every area of school, including reading and mathematics.

Just listening to music can make these connections, but the largest impact is when toddlers actively participate in musical activities. Between the ages of 1 and 3 toddlers respond best to music when they actively experience it. Listening to music, such as in the car, is passive, look for opportunities to engage your child in active listening e.g. rocking, marching, rolling, tapping, clapping, and moving to the beat.